5-step process to dashboard success

The Steps

This blog post will walk through the 5-step process of Rapid Dashboarding. | Read the Blog Post

The One-pager

Use this handy template when you start every new project.
| Download PDF

The Wireframing System

Gone are the days of sketching on paper. The Rapid Dashboarding Wireframe System allows you to develop a custom dashboard wireframe in PowerPoint in a matter of minutes with our drag and drop elements. | Download PowerPoint

Tableau Templates

No need to start from scratch! Use these pre-formatted Tableau templates and wireframe to drag and drop for easy peasy dashboards in no time! | View Templates on Tableau Server (Use Download Feature)

Women in Analytics Presentation

Julie presented Rapid Dashboarding at the Women in Analytics Conference in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, July 23, 2021. This is an abridged version of that presentation. | Download Presentation

Latest from the Blog

How I went from agency dropout to presenting at Women in Analytics Conference in 5 years

Originally posted June 23, 2021 Exactly one month from today, I will be on stage at Women in Analytics Conference in Columbus, Ohio, presenting my Rapid Dashboarding Framework to a room of 200+ analytics professionals. So how did I get here? If you know me from back in the day, I was a Marketing professional…Continue reading “How I went from agency dropout to presenting at Women in Analytics Conference in 5 years”

Julie Laux | Founder, Rapid Dashboarding

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Julie Laux has always loved creating. Whether it was painting in elementary school, developing websites in high school, managing advertising campaigns, or building Tableau dashboards in her now analytics career, creating is at the heart and soul of Julie’s passion.

Julie studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Dayton, and then pursued a career in adverting for several years before shifting gears into analytics. She has spent the past 5 years positioning herself as an analytics leader, specializing in data visualization, and is focused on developing the next class of analytics talent and encouraging more women to go into the field.

Rapid Dashboarding was born in 2018 after a newbie mistake (read the Rapid Dashboarding blog to learn more about that) and has evolved over the years to include a Wireframing system that she has shared internally and externally. Julie uses this Framework every day in her role as an analytics manager in order to optimize partnerships with her stakeholders and deliver valuable outcomes.

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